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that's some bad hat, harry. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is all over three big stories tonight. a man murdered in a parking lot scuffle. tonight we're learning about the legacy he's leaving behind. one fire, nearly half a dozen homes damaged, but tonight one man says he has a
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lot to be thankful for. and a fox 5 exclusive, a murder mystery gone cold for 12 years solved, one mother's emotional search for justice. we begin tonight with new developments in a deadly stabbing you saw first here on fox. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm laura evans. >> and i'm shawn yancy. tonight police identified the murder victim as leonard matthews, a local musician. fox 5's bob barnard has more on his life and his legacy. >> he was the 60th person murdered in prince george's county this year, the first in the city of hyattsville, but to his friends leonard smith- matthews was ant a statistic. he was a young man -- not a statistic. he was a young man who took his rap music seriously, stage name damien. >> reporter: this is murder victim leonard smith-matthews. videotaped freestyle rapping several years ago outside north central high school in
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hyattsville where leonard was in the class of 2008. >> this video was during lunch the friday before christmas break. >> reporter: classmate eddie kyle shot the video of his high school buddies posting them on youtube, this one getting more than 600,000 page views, says leonard was one of the best. >> he had like a really good flow. he didn't mess up and his content was always on point. he always had a story to tell about his life, lot of struggles. >> reporter: that young and colorful life ended last night around 6:30 when smith-matthews was stabbed to death at university town center on east west highway in hyattsville. it was a fight between about two dozen young people. four got stabbed. leonard was the only one who died. >> it's still shocking to me. i was thinking about it today all day at work, so still hard just sinking in. >> reporter: we're not sure what the brawl was all about, a pair of shoes, a girl. witnesses say leonard died defending a friend's younger brother. this witness didn't want to be seen on tv. >> he had a black shirt on.
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i seen him get up and he had like his whole right side of his shirt was just bloody. he had a black shirt on. he took it on and wrapped it around his body i guess to stop the bleeding. then i think he collapsed in garage. >> repre hospitalized, nobody yet arrested. >> leonard had a great personality. he had a great sense of humor. he was always joking around in class. he was always having fun and talk about a lot of stuff, hip- hop, music, average kid. he was pretty fun to be around. >> bob, where does the murder investigation stand tonight? >> prince george's county police are heading up the investigation telling us they have not nailed down what the fight was about or who did the cutting, but hope investigators will get some sense of the truth from the stabbing victims who survived. >> let's hope police do get some leads. bob barnard, thank you. new tonight a huge fire in northwest has displaced more than 12 people. the fire started in a row home along decatur street and quickly spread to five others.
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the good news here, no one was hurt, but it was a close call for one man and fox 5's matt ackland spoke to him after the fire heavily damaged his home. >> raymond meadows has lived in his petworth home nearly 40 years. he has raised kids there, collected items over the years he has cherished. most of those items are gone tonight but fortunately thanks to some good neighbors raymond was able to escape the fire just in time. take a look at the flames. fire officials say they jumped from one house to the next quickly. >> it was in its advanced stages, well developed fire when we arrived on scene. >> reporter: raymond me cos was working on his -- meadows was working on his computer and had no idea about the danger close by until he heard something at the door. >> somebody was kicking or banging the door. i came down, opened the door and there was people on the sidewalk. they said look, i looked up next-door. it was on fire. >> reporter: then raymond
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watched his home of 38 years burn before his eyes. >> it's not a good feeling. >> reporter: the fire spread to six homes. it took nearly 125 firefighters over 30 minutes to control the blaze. during the fire the heat was to intense some firefighters were overcome and needed to be checked out by ems. >> we do have a couple firefighters that have some heat exhaustion. >> reporter: authorities are still trying to determine what caused the blaze. raymond meadows says even though he lost just about everything he's glad he cot out with his life thanks to -- got out with his life thanks to those who came banging on his door. >> it moved real fast. >> reporter: that great video was provided to us by the d.c. fire department. raymond told me tonight he has insurance and should be okay repairing his home, but there are things he lost today that he'll never be able to replace. by the way, shawn, the red cross was on the scene helping find shelter for those people displaced tonight.
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fox 5 is monitoring metro and another escalator outage tonight, this time at the dupont circle metro station. metro's website says all entrance escalators are out of service there due to a mechanical problem. at the dupont circle, 19th street and trent. this station is open but riders are frustrated. >> i'm a little concerned about how much time routine maintenance is taking up and now frequently it's happening. >> there's a serious problem in the whole system and it's something that's going to have to be addressed. half of the escalators are out of order half of the time. >> escalators right there just a few of the 79 escalators systemwide that are under repair tonight. well, hopefully everything will be working for the 4th. thousands of people are expected down on the national mall and the national park service is urging you to take metro to get there. metro will be open from 7 a.m.
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until midnight monday. for security reasons the smithsonian station will be closed most of the day, but you can use it to go home once the fireworks are over. for more details on metro, road closures and where to find the entry points for the mall go, to be with be with and look under hot -- and look under hot topics. meantime the fox 5 storm force is tracking our holiday weekend weekend. gary mcgrady is in the weather center. the pressure is on. >> i wish the last couple days would extend right on through this holiday weekend. >> that would be great, low humidity. >> that's right. it's going to be warmer and a bit muggy, but i think it's going to cooperate for the most part, more back to summertime reality. let me show you temperatures right now, not too bad. in the evening it's just been great. it's 79 degrees here in the city. look at dulles down to 72 out there in loudoun county. the high temperatures today, very important back to the west, wichita back to the west 93, omaha, nebraska, 97, minneapolis almost 100 degrees
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today. here at national we were 91. so what can we have expect for this holiday weekend? well, the problem here is that no doubt it's going to get hotter. tomorrow will be up to the lower to mid-90s as opposed to the lower 90s. more humidity comes back for sunday. we do have good chances of rain and thunderstorms for sunday and we may even still have a few thunderstorms out there for the 4th that won't be a washout, details, full holiday weekend forecast, plus a look at the rest coming up. a major change today, domonique strauss-kahn no longer under house arrest and the credibility of his accuser is being questioned. fox's laura ingalls has the details. >> reporter: domonique strauss- kahn leaving the manhattan courthouse a free man, prosecutors agreeing to release him and return bail after questions surfaced about the credibility of his accuser. >> we maintained from the beginning that mr. strauss-kahn
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is innocent of these charges and these recent disclosures reinforce our conviction that he will be exonerated. >> reporter: prosecutors say the accuser admits she lied to the grand jury about what happened after the alleged attack. she initially claimed she ran down the hallway and contacted a supervisor, but now says she cleaned a nearby room after the alleged attack, then returned to the suite where it took place and began cleaning that room before contacting a supervisor. the manhattan district attorney says strauss-kahn still faces sex assault charges including attempted rape. >> our prosecutors from the manhattan d.a.'s office will continue their investigation into these alleged crimes and will do so until we have uncovered all relevant facts. >> reporter: the attorney for the accuser ken thompson admits his client made mistakes but
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says this does not mean she was not a victim of rape slamming the district attorney himself. >> our concern is that manhattan district attorney cry vance is too afraid to try -- cy vance is too afraid to try this case. >> reporter: thompson said the victim will come out and tell her story but didn't say when. we want a closer look at this now, a stunning turn of events today. joining us now is clark neily, senior attorney for the institute of justice. thanks for being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> this is so unusual. let me start by getting your reaction to today's events. >> the idea that this woman has some credibility issues, made some misrepresentations on a visa forms and following this investigation i don't think that's unusual. >> it was such an airtight case that they were boasting about from the beginning and now it's pretty much hanging by a thread. >> true enough, but in real life these things tend to be
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more messy than not and i think one question i have is what does he say happened? we've got plenty of physical evidence something happened and today he hasn't told us what his side of the story. is i think that's a little suspicious. >> you mention -- i think that's a little suspicious. >> you mentioned dnaed of some sort of sexual en-- dna evidence of some sort of sex evidence but what if a crime did occur here? should the case still be heard? >> if the prosecution has enough evidence to take it to a jury, i'm sure they will. what we have yet to hear is his explanation for what happened in that room. something happened. we've not heard from him what. >> right. charges have not been dropped. the passport is not returned. is that just part of the process, they wait until the next court proceeding which i understand is july 18th to take those steps? >> yeah. from my understanding the judge has decided that the charges against him are not strong enough to keep him under house arrest, but they are going to retain his passport. he will have to answer to what happened if they have enough evidence to take this case to a
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jury. >> does he have any recourse? >> depends what you mean by recourse. my suspicion is he probably wants this to end as quickly as the prosecutor does if they don't have enough evidence, but at the end of the day we keep coming back to one fact. something happened. we don't yet know what and we have to have the process run its course to get an explanation and if the prosecutors don't feel like they have a sound explanation what happened, they'll keep pushing. >> thanks very much for being with us tonight. now to another story making headlines, a 5-year-old accused of shooting his 4-year-old friend on a local playground. tonight the 5-year-old's mother is talking to fox 5. plus find out why after weeks of testimony the judge in the casey anthony trial suddenly put the case on recess. and what big name label just signed michael vick to a multi-million dollar endorsement deal? fox 5 news at 10:00 is back in minutes.
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we are following new details tonight in that playground shooting that sent a 4-year-old to the hospital.
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the mother of the kid with the gun is talking to fox 5. she says her son found the weapon outside and thought it wasn't real. fox 5's stacey cohan has the story. >> my son found the gun on the playground. he thought it was a cap gun. he shot the gun off and it hit his little friend. >> reporter: that's what the boy's mom says happened when her 5-year-old son shot his playmate on this playground thursday afternoon. the 4-year-old boy was shot in the chest, but thanks to the location of the wound and some emergency care by a family friend ebony webb he's expected to recover. >> he didn't know what was going on, so he tried to just be calm because we wasn't calm. >> reporter: a day after the shooting the big question looming over the hillcrest heights apartment complex is how such a small child gained access to a gun. webb insists the weapon wasn't found out here. >> there's no way because the clean-up lady comes and cleans
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this playground every day. so for her to be cleaning up and not see a gun, there's no gun on that playground, no. >> reporter: that's not what the boy's mother claims. >> the gun was found on the playground. that's what he told me and the police. >> reporter: the mom says both she and her son are distraught and deeply sorry for what happened. >> i'm just sad. i'm depressed. i don't want to talk. my son walked to the other side, just want to be left alone. >> reporter: stacey cohan, fox 5 news. >> after the shooting the 5- year-old returned to his apartment with the gun where it was later found and removed by detectives. a d.c. police officer indicted for the murders of a mother and her 1-year-old daughter. a grand jury has upgraded the charges against richmond phillips. he was originally charged with murder in the death of 20-year- old wynetta wright and manslaughter in the death of their baby jalen. wynetta was found in a park in
10:18 pm
hillcrest heights last month and the baby was found in a car dead from extreme heat. the casey anthony murder trial is near to an end but not ready to go to the jury just yet. fox's phil keating has what comes next. >> reporter: cindy anthony's computer records take center stage in her daughter casey's murder trial. >> everybody in the company has a unique login and id. >> reporter: cindy anthony worked at a home healthcare and hospice company. the computer expert said cindy was entering patient records during the time she claims she was at home doing internet searches on the word chloroform. >> even if they're deleted, they're retrievable. >> reporter: on june 23rd testifying she was the one responsible for home computer searches for chlorophyll and then chloroform back in march of 2008, her work supervisor testifying that cindy would not have been able to complete her work from home. >> that's against policy. >> reporter: the state also calls multiple forensic experts. one said it was a mistake to
10:19 pm
open little caylee anthony's skull during her autopsy. >> the thing would be if you were sawing through a child's skull you would create fractures. >> reporter: the defense asks whether a forensic pathologist is qualified to question the practice of a forensic examiner. >> there are a number of pathological reasons why one would look inside a skull, correct? >> reporter: after about six weeks of testimony there will be no court activity here in orlando tomorrow. the judge giving the attorneys the day off to prepare for their momentous closing arguments on sunday. at the end of that the jury will begin deliberating and they will stay deliberating until they reach a verdict holiday or no holiday. in orlando phil keating, fox news. a man accused of breaching three layers of security while boarding a cross-country flight last week has been ordered held without bond. authorities say the dual citizen of the united states
10:20 pm
and nigeria boarded at jfk using an expired boarding pass. now he is charged with being a stow-away but a judge wants more information about the man's background before deciding to grant him bond. murky water is being blamed for concealing a woman's body in a public swimming pool in fall river, massachusetts. people swam there for two days after she drowned. 36-year-old marie joseph was at the bottom of the 12-foot deep end from sunday afternoon until tuesday evening. visibility tests reveal the diver could not be seen in the depths of 3 1/2 feet below the surface of the water. >> the only thing of note in the inspection report is that the inspector did indicate that the pool water was cloudy. >> the two pin inspectors are on now on paid -- inspectors are now on paid leave and the pool staff has been suspended and the pool is now closed. health officials say there's no danger to anybody who swam in the water with the body in there because the chlorine was at a safe level. the california apartment
10:21 pm
where james whitey bulger hid out for years is apparently now a hot commodity. the landlord says they're getting more calls than ever for people interested in renting out that santa monica apartment. the boston mob boss reportedly stashed $800,000 in the walls when he lived there with his girl friend. bulger paid about 1,000 ones a month to rent his apartment, but some people are -- $1,100 a month to rent his apartment, but some people are willing to pay atdouble now. we're breaking down michael vick's secret to success the second time around. a 12 year murder mystery cracked and only fox 5 has the emotional interview with the victim's mother. 
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nearly four years after nike dropped michael vick the sporting goods empire resigned him to an endorsement deal. nike terminated vick's contract in august of 2007 after he admitted his involvement in a
10:25 pm
dogfighting ring. in a statement nike says it does not condone those actions but supports the positive changes vick has made off the field. what does that this mean for michael vick's comeback? we know you deal with all sorts of media marketing and crisis situations, jason. were you surprised to learn that nike rehired michael vick? >> not at all. vick has performed on and off the field and repaid his debt to society. >> was it a smart or risky move and what sort of deliberations would a company go through to reach a decision like this? >> not all that risky. i think nike has done its homework and they understand that michael has paid his debt to society, that he turned his life around. he separated himself from some unsavory characters that he was associating with earlier in his career and then he's making a genuine effort to rebuild his life and image. >> when you look at this from the other side, what does this sort of deal mean for michael
10:26 pm
vick's comeback? >> this is fantastic for vick. in real terms it means money which he needed very much. he's got legal bills, a great deal of debt in reputational terms. this is also an immense decision is because it means he is once more in nike's good graces and nike is, in fact, a behemoth in the sports industry. when it blesses you, that says something. >> that's a huge endorsement indeed. not every celebrity is welcomed back with open arms. what do you think is the difference with this case? >> there was a court case, a penalty served, not everybody gets their day in court as michael did. he's again served his debt to society and that in itself gives nike a great deal of cover. so when their decision to rejoin -- restart their partnership with him, they are not the first sponsor to come back to vick, but they certainly are the largest. that says something and i think
10:27 pm
the fact that he has paid his debt, that he's joined the nfl and has performed on the field let's not forget, that gives him a great deal of peace of mind. >> a win/win for both of them. jason maloney, thanks for coming in tonight. up next tonight a fox 5 exclusive. a mother's grief magnified by a dozen years of questions. >> i couldn't give up. my son was my first born child. he meant a lot to me and to know that he was killed for nothing. >> tonight police say they have finally solved this murder mystery. we have the details next. 
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a mother's fight for justice which has lasted 12 years has finally come to an end. the man accused of killing her son has been arrested. edward gray was gunned down in 1999, the case of mistaken
10:31 pm
identity. the suspected gunman cederick shuler was ordered held without bond by a d.c. judge today. that move left the victim's mother to be overcome with emotion. fox 5's paul wagner was in the courtroom today and has the exclusive story. >> reporter: when charlotte gray left d.c. superior court this morning, she felt like screaming. the stress, the worry edward's case would never be resolved had finally vanished this courtroom 302. >> i wouldn't give up. i couldn't give up. my son was my first born child. he meant a lot to me and to know that he was killed for nothing, i'm told that they thought he was somebody else and, you know, it makes me feel bad that i need him more now than ever. >> reporter: we first met charlotte in 2003 during a cold case feature on her son edward's case. >> all i want to know is why. >> reporter: two years later we met again when charlotte gathered friends and family to announce an increase in the
10:32 pm
reward. >> my heart grieves daily for my child. >> reporter: then two years later in 2007 charlotte finally got to see the chief of police. >> i had never met her, but there was a warmth from her, a caring spirit. >> reporter: but it wasn't until the case was reassigned to prosecutor amanda haines working closely with detectives todd williams and tony brigadini the case was finally solved. >> i think if i had not said anything, i would not be standing here today. >> reporter: d.c. police charged 35-year-old cederick shuler of ft. washington with the murder of edward great investigators believe shuler and another man opened fire on gray as he drove along alabama avenue southeast with his girl friend. police believe shuler thought someone else, a rival, was behind the wheel of the car. for 12 long years charlotte has been waiting to tell her son an arrest has been made. with the help of her pastor she climbed the hillside where
10:33 pm
edward is buried. >> hi, baby. we did it. finally get some justice. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> cederick shuler was also arraigned today in the 1998 murder of renee best who prosecutors say was another innocent victim. the pentagon has a new leader tonight. leon panetta was sworn in as secretary of defense today. the former cia director spent much of his day meeting with top brass. in addition to overseeing wars in iraq and afghanistan and the ongoing war on terror, panetta is also faced with the difficult job of cutting billions of dollars from the defense budget. >> he's got a daunting task to establish a military strategy that will allow him to save $400 billion in additional defense spending and do all that in the course of the next couple months, his first couple months on the job. >> in a video message to troops today panetta said despite
10:34 pm
fiscal challenges at home there won't be a hollow force on his watch. both president and congress are taking the holiday weekend off, but the debate over the nation's debt ceiling rages on. with a looming august deadline congress canceled its vacation next week and the white house is trying up to the ante. fox 5's jennifer davis has the details. >> i'm prepared to bring our deficit down by trillions of dollars. that's with a t, trillions. >> reporter: speaking to a supportive crowd in philadelphia last night, the president weighed in again on the debt ceiling debate which is taking a short break on capitol hill. congress is gone through the 4th of july and the president is heading to camp david. >> the president ought to be in washington meeting with republicans, meeting with democrats. he shouldn't leave that town until he has an understanding of what it's going to take to get this economy going again. >> reporter: earlier this week the president had a similar complaint about the senate which has canceled its scheduled week long holiday break to return to d.c. to continue working on a deficit
10:35 pm
deal. the treasury secretary has given lawmakers an august 2nd deadline to raise the $14.3 trillion borrowing limit or default for the first time on the government's financial obligations. >> if congress doesn't act, but they will act, of course, in the end they'll do the right thing. >> reporter: the two sides remain far apart. the white house wants 400 billion in tax increases including limiting tax deductions for high income families and scaling back tax breaks for companies that buy corporate jets. republicans want more spending cuts than democrats and insist they won't sign onto a plan including tax increases. the house is scheduled to be in session next week. the senate will return tuesday. senate democrats are planning talks on the debt limit and invited the president and vice president to join them midweek. jennifer davis, fox news. he is in the business of catching people on camera. now the camera has been touched on him. also ahead tonight new developments in the shriver/schwarzenegger saga the. but first good news if
10:36 pm
you're hitting -- saga. but first good news if you're hitting the road this holiday weekend. shopping might be dropping, consumer sentiment sliding and june worries over, economic recovery likely to keep shoppers from spending a lot the rest of the year. spending on construction is stalling, builders working on fewer projects than may pushed down by a dropoff in state and local spending. meantime dsk getting away for now, a judge releasing domonique strauss-kahn from house arrest. stocks having their best week in nearly two years, the markets closed on monday for the 4th of july. as holiday travelers celebrate in the red, white and blue they'll be shelling out less green at the pumps. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at 3.55 falling 23 cents from memorial day. another online company jumping on the ipo bandwagon, internet
10:37 pm
company zinga going public hoping to raise $1 billion best known for its facebook game and that's business. r r lt
10:38 pm
 this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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the national query says it caught nbc reporter -- inquirer says it caught nbc reporter chris hanson on video with his mistress. this is video of the two sharing an intimate dinner at palm beach. the tabloid says hanson has been cheating on his wife with this woman for four months now. hanson is known for his hidden camera reports busting child predators. it is official now, maria shriver filed for divorce today from arnold schwarzenegger
10:41 pm
citing irreconcilable differences, the action coming six weeks after schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with the mother of his household staff years ago. shriver is asking for custody of their sons 17 and 13. prince william and katherine visiting canada on canada day. big crowds came out to see the royals taking part in the country's birthday celebrations which included a speech by the prince. the couple handed out flags to new citizens at a nationalization ceremony. another royal couple tied the knot, prince albert ii marrying his princess today. the prince of monaco wed charlene wittstock. after the nuptials the couple waved from the balcony and had a quick little kiss. their religious union will be celebrated tomorrow. about 3,500 guests are expected. on the news edge at 11:00 an innocent man preparing for a
10:42 pm
4th of july barbecue killed outside his home. one year later his killer is s still out on the street. his family -- is still out on the street. his family is opening up about their quest for justice. also ahead soon thousands of people will be marching into manassas to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the civil war. i'm beth parker, that story coming up. ♪
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the hunt is on tonight in jackson, new jersey, for a baboon on the loose. it's been spotted sitting on the side of the road and even hanging out on someone's back porch. the baboon may have escaped from six flags great adventures monkey jungle, but park officials say they can't be sure because they have more than 145 baboons, so it's hard to get a headcount. >> what a funny looking animal i started to say and then i realized oh, it's the baboon from great adventure. >> reporter: you knew it was the great adventure baboon. >> of course. who else has baboons around here. >> reporter: wasn't what he was
10:46 pm
wearing or anything? >> no. he was just sitting looking at the traffic going by. >> reporter: sitting on the ground. >> on the grassy ground over there. >> minding his own business. employees from the amusement park are helping police search for that baboon hoping to avoid someone getting hurt when they try to catch it. we are following a developing story in new mexico tonight. a massive wildfire burning right near the town of los almos in one of the nation's top nuclear labs is now the largest in state history and the threat of more fires could put a damper on some 4th of july celebrations nationwide. fox's dan springer explains. >> reporter: officials fighting the giant fire near los almos say they're winning the battle, but the war is far from over. >> i know residents want back. in it is not yet safe. >> reporter: new mexico officials still not letting thousands of evacuees back into their homes. raging wild wire and whipping wind makes the situation too
10:47 pm
unpredictable. >> our fingers are crossed on that weather and what that might deal us the next couple days. >> reporter: for now the wind is blowing the blaze away from the nuclear lab. at one point the flames were within 2 miles. it's the biggest wildfire in the state's history burning through at least 103,000 acres of land. >> we're at the mercy of the winds and today the winds are picking up. >> reporter: from arizona to florida cities, counties and states are banning fireworks. they may be nice, but it wouldn't take much to spark a fire in the dry brush. >> property and safety risk is just too high. >> reporter: new mexico's governor pleading with the public. >> do not buy them. do not use them. stay away from them. go to the big public events. >> reporter: the 4th of july is usually a festive time for residents and lucrative time for businesses but at this point locals don't even know if they'll be back in their homes. the word now is sunday at the earliest. dang springer, fox news. >> it is the holiday weekend. folks are heading to the beach.
10:48 pm
they're sticking around to watch fireworks on the 4th. the pressure is on you tonight. >> i think we're okay. he encouraging news tonight. the new stuff comes in and so the july 4th forecast continues to look pretty good. >> good. >> at least it's trending in the right direction. that means we want to keep it as dry as possible. even though we need the rain around here, it's starting to dry out. be careful with any of the fireworks around the area because it is so dry out there. a couple 3 inches below normal across the board pretty much. in some cases that's just for this month or, well, june. listen, now we do have some hot weather coming. a little bit warmer tomorrow and then the mugginess start to come back sunday. it's 79 in the city, gorgeous out this evening, manassas down to 66 degrees, culpeper 68. you get out along interstate 81, it's cooling down, too. winchester 66, martinsburg 68 degrees. back out to the west a big area of high pressure not only at
10:49 pm
the surface, but aloft. underneath this big ridge of high pressure is very, very hot temperatures from texas all the way up into the northern central plains, minneapolis today 99 degrees for a high temperature. now they're getting some cooling relief in the form of some thunderstorms and that is a frontal system which is going to also push a front, that same front, right through here the latter part of the weekend. it looks like it could bring us at least a chance for some showers and thunderstorms. out of the holiday weekend sunday looks like the day where we're most likely to get some rain and thunderstorms. more heat, though, for tomorrow and for sunday and we'll have more humidity out there and you'll really notice the humidity, not so much tomorrow, but into sunday and i think lingering into monday as well. it will be fairly sticky, 93 tomorrow. heat goes up sunday, 95. with the heat and thunderstorms some pretty good rain there and some of them may be strong, not
10:50 pm
too worried about a severe outbreak of thunderstorms, but when you start getting up to 95 degrees with a lot of humidity there, could be one or two that goes severe. monday still technically leaving a chance for a thunderstorm in there. notice a little cooler behind this frontal system, but it's now looking like the front gets far enough to the south on monday that we may escape any showers or thunderstorms. pretty good at the beaches, a couple days worth of thunderstorm risks sunday and monday just like here, all in the 80s. from cape may i don't think there's any substantial chance of rain coming up on the 4th of july. so real good there. comfortable overnight tonight. we're looking for about 70 degrees here in town, but lower 60s in the suburbs and there may just be an upper 50 here or there, temperature of 70 degrees, 80 -- 73, pardon me, sunny tomorrow morning, a few clouds at noon, 87, so we're already hot and then a possible isolated thunderstorm late tomorrow afternoon primarily
10:51 pm
west and northwest of the metro. i'm not expecting really anything here. this is futurecast. this is sunday at 1:00. sunshine here and this is where the temperatures will really be heating up and moisture comes back in in the form of higher relative humidity. there's some showers and thunderstorms kicking off in the northwest. by about 5:00 or 6:00 an entire line starts moving down through i-95. so again sunday is the day where we'll most likely get the showers and thunderstorms, but we continue this trend. this is july the 4th at 5:00. all of the rain pushing down to the south, so right now we continue to see the front making steady progress down into southern virginia and that will keep all of the rain away for the july the 4th weekend. that's pretty much my rolling forecast. gwen will be in this weekend and if she has to change it, she will, but we definitely heat up a little bit this weekend and monday all things considered pretty nice, 92 and maybe a thunderstorm here or
10:52 pm
there but not a washout. a fast flow of cash will keep a planetarium in arlington county open. the david m. brown planetarium raised $40,035,000 in donations, 25 -- $435,000 in donations, $25,000 in the final days. all that money will buy a new star projected, knew seating, updated lighting and -- new seating, updated lighting and a new dome. astronaut mark kelly was in d.c. today talking about the final shuttle launch and his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the space shuttle is scheduled to blast off from the kennedy space center one week from today. at the national press club he talked about loving his wife and the space shuttle. kelly is retiring from nasa and the navy. another busy week in washington from the debt ceiling and budget talks to the president calling out republicans accusing them of not truly negotiating.
10:53 pm
earlier today shannon breem gave us a preview of this week's show. >> we'll have those folks that feel very singled out by the president. senator john cornyn from texas is one of the key players on the republican side of this whole debate and he's going to talk about where the negotiations stand and whether or not republicans may be willing to talk about cutting some of the tax breaks, tax loopholes the president referenced. it sounds like there may be some negotiating room on that point, something you're not hearing from all the republicans on capitol hill but something we are hearing from senator cornyn. >> i know another big issue is afghanistan. we heard from the president talking about his plan for the troop withdrawal. one of your guests will be on to talk about that? >> absolutely. we are lucky enough to have two. we've got senator lieberman and senate graham both with the senate armed services committee joining us live from the middle east. they'll be on the ground seeing and experiencing a lot of things that we're talking about, libya, afghanistan, what is the draw -- whether the
10:54 pm
drawdown plan is still a good idea especially in light of the people killed in kabul this week and we have fox polls about how the average american out there feels about our military operations. >> and it is the 4th of july holiday weekend. do you have any big plans? you going to watch the fireworks on the mall? >> i did that once when i was an intern here on the hill decades ago and learned it's better to watch it from a distance or you'll spend a lot of quality time on the metro with a lot of very close friends. >> new friends. >> we'll watch from a distance. what about you? >> i'm going to watch it on television from a distance, too because i will be working. have fun. have a great holiday weekend. >> you, too. >> looking forward to the show. we'll see you sunday at 9:00 right here on fox 5 for fox news sunday. everybody knows about the hotdog eating contest, but how about the burger one? we are taking you to the streets of d.c. to see who will reign supreme this year. and in minutes at 11:00 better ease up on the lead
10:55 pm
foot. we'll tell you where new red light cameras are up and running ahead on the news edge. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
10:58 pm
ding ding ding, it is weigh- in time in the annual hotdog eating test on coney island. this is the event's 96th year and this year for the first time there will be a women's title. i believe that's the d.c. woman. i forget what they call her. the black widow from virginia, i believe. anyway this year for the first time there will be a women's title. the men and women's champ each win $10,000. nathan's may have a world famous hotdog eating contest but for the third year in a row one d.c. restaurant is stepping into the competitive eating ring. how many burgers could you down in 10 minutes for $5,500?
10:59 pm
fox 5's photojournalist b.j.forte shows us what some people will do for money. >> without further adieu it's time to meet our competitors. mouth of the south! [ cheering and applause ] >> usa! usa! >> the people we got are big eaters. three come all over the world to participate in our competition. >> steve berlinski. >> this is all about fun. >> ready, get set, go! >> just hope that you get somebody you can clearly beat. he's unbeatable. you just got to find somebody that can do it. >> i'm just thinking about the american soldiers that have defended this country. that's why we're celebrating july 4th, from revolution to modern day warfare. thank god for the veterans and those veterans wh

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